Witness Information Line  

Chatham County Witness Reporting Schedule for April 24, 2014
Superior Court Witness Information

Witnesses in the following case do not need to report. If needed, you will be resubpoenaed at a later date.
Basheen Hills
Michael McLaughlin
Kimberly Moss
Rufus Solomon
Darrell Hendrix
Frederick Britton
Daphne Gunnels
Kresson Hall
Anthony Mobley
Derek Thorpe
Howard H Brown
James Pastures
Simon Taylor
Dominique Lawson
Colby Bragg
Ray Hunter
Stephone Brown
Witnesses in the following cases do not need to report the defendant pled guilty, is expected to plea, or, the case was disposed of:
Linard Mobley
Darius Wilson
Juan Stephens
Jermaine Sellow
Vernon Sanders
Jonathan Williams
Timothy Coleman
Howard Carlton
Javonta Kemp
Anthony Grey
Scotty Brown, Jr.
Stewart Smoot
George Townsend
John Ubele
Lamont Mitchell

If you have not seen your case listed, please report as instructed on your subpoena.
Thank you!
Victim-Witness Assistance Program
State Court Witness Information
If you have not seen your case listed you DO NOT need to report. If needed at a later date you will be re-subpoenaed. If you have questions, call the Victim-Witness Assistance Program at 912-652-7329.

Witness Information Line - State & Superior Courts

Witness Reporting Schedule for Thursday, April 24, 2014

Superior Court Cases

State Court Cases

If you have questions,
please call the Victim-Witness Assistance Program at
912 652-7329.